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24th July 2014


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First Ever NAPA Canada Cup Challenge This Saturday

On Saturday, July 26, 2014 starting at 12 noon in Kingston, Ontario, the Ontario and Quebec chapters of the North American Poolshooters Association(NAPA) will be having their first ever challenge for the NAPA Canada Cup Challenge. The challenge will consist of players from both leagues playing against each other. The challenge has been started by the league operators of both the Ontario and Quebec NAPA Leagues to promote goodwill, billiards, and fun…okay… and maybe some bragging rights.NAPA Pool League

NAPA Ontario owner Rob MacArthur chose Kingston for two reasons. Firstly, it is basically halfway between the Toronto area and Quebec, and second, MacArthur is a born and raised Kingston resident.

The challenge is being held at Raxx Billiards in Kingston, Ontario. The challenge is open to any NAPA Ontario and Quebec player that has played at least 5 matches in NAPA.

NAPA Races, Rules and Scoring will be used. The team ending up with the most points will be the winner.

For more information on the challenge or NAPA Ontario contact Rob MacArthur at 905.903.6425. For NAPA Quebec information contact Eric Rousseau at 514.924.1135.

The North American Poolshooters Association runs 8, 9 and 10 Ball Leagues across North American and currently has about 30,000 players.

23rd July 2014


The Pool Scene

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CJ Wiley - Pinning the Shot

CJWiley_AdThe confident stroke must have the following characteristic – the shooting hand must draw back and return to the starting position (where the tip is directly behind the cue ball) with acceleration. This guarantees the maximum force is achieved at the moment of contact – many players think they do this effectively, only a few actually do.

This isn’t achieved by trying to “stroke” smoothly though the cue ball – although this “sounds good,” it leads to a slight deceleration and the inability to get that quick, precise reaction desired from the cue ball.

It’s very difficult to see the difference, however if can be heard…..I call this “pinning the shot,” and it makes a distinctly higher pitched sound at impact. Buddy Hall was one of the greatest strikers of the cue ball and I mastered the technique from watching and listening to him…..he knew the “secret” of using the edge of the tip to play the game. ‘The Game is the Teacher’ –

21st July 2014


The Pool Scene

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Jim Rempe & Frank Stellman Inducted into the 14.1 Straight Pool Hall of Fame

King JamesNew York City – “King James” Rempe and Frank “Sailor” Stellman will be this year’s Straight Pool Hall of Fame inductees. Both men are still alive and well, and are due to appear in New York City for the first time in a long, long, while. Rempe made a huge impact on the pro pool scene from the 1970′s through the early 2000′s, while Stellman influenced numerous top players in the mid-west with his 14.1 teachings over a span of 60 years. Fans and players can attend the once in a lifetime special event at 7:00pm on August 6th, 2014 at Steinway Billiards Cafe during the 74th World Tournament of 14.1. It will be a star studded gala with billiard super stars such as Mika Immonen, Shane Van Boening, John Schmidt, Stephan Cohen, Johnny Archer, Darren Appleton & many more with Charlie Williams as the event MC. The ANDY CLOTH World Tournament of 14.1 is sponsored by ANDY CLOTH, Kamui Brands, OB Cues, Amsterdam Billiard Club,, Pool & Billiard Magazine , Aramith Balls, and George Beckman Kinetic Sculptures. Official patron 14.1 aficionados are Stu Mattana, Tom Gleich, Harold Siegel, and Dr. Greg Diehl Plastic Surgery. Dr. Michael Fedak and Dragon Promotions are pleased to bring the 4th Annual Straight Pool Hall of Fame and the 74th production of the oldest billiard event in the world on August 4th-9th, 2014. Frank Stellman

“Straight pool is my favorite pool discipline. It’s a game where knowledge is very important and makes the difference between good players and the best players”, explained Rempe about his love for 14.1. ” I know not many players can say this, but I really look back at my life and see that I did not have a misspent youth. I took my dad’s advice on finding something I love and make a living doing it. Pool is the greatest game ever.”

Rempe is considered to be royalty in pool history winning major championships in 4 different decades Rempe is considered to be royalty in pool history winning major championships in 4 different decades

Of the 4 nominees including Nick Varner, Lou Butera and Allen Hopkins, Jim Rempe won 40% of the votes submitted by fans via social media, polls, and emails. King James was born in 1947 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Rempe began playing pool at the age of 6 and he turned pro at the age of 22, winning 98 major championships, and taking 11 world titles, including the World Nine-ball Championship, the World One-pocket Championship, and the All-Around World Championship. Rempe won 3 US 14.1 Masters Championships (later changed to the US Open 14.1), 1973 NY State 14.1, the US Open 9-Ball, and 4 World 9-Ball titles. He accumulated 23 tournament wins between 1972 and 1978, more than any other pool player in the world, thus acquiring the nickname “King James”.

“When I decided to become serious about pool five years ago, I looked up Jim Rempe to learn the game from a true professional. I thought that I would spend a couple of hours with him that afternoon. His enthusiasm for pool was so infectious that before we knew it, eight hours had gone by. He has become a good friend and mentor, and he teaches the game as well as he plays it. His pedigree speaks for itself, and he belongs in the halls of fame of all of the pool disciplines. Congrats, Jimmy!”, said Dr. Gregory Diehl of Diehl Plastic Surgery.

In the Unsung Hero category, Frank Stellman won 80% of the votes and had many vocal supporters lobbying for this mid-western legend. Frank “Sailor” Stellman is from Racine, Wisconsin and was born in 1927. He was a guru who taught and influenced many 14.1 players and groomed dozens of 100 ball runners. He also organized Wisconsin’s first state 9-Ball tournaments for men and women, and he was the technical host for a weekly TV pool show. He has given numerous pool seminars usually free of charge. This was Frank’s second year on the 14.1 HOF ballot.

“Wow. This is something I really never expected in my life. I helped players learn the game not for any recognition or money, but only because I felt it was the right thing to do. It’s quite an honor and I’m going to do my absolute best to get to New York City! It’s all up to my doctor to give me the green light!” The 87 year old Stellman has diabetes and faces amputation of his foot, but still manages to get to the poolroom to watch and advise players. He recently was transported to Red Shoes Billiards to watch the World 14.1 Qualifier in Chicago.

Stellman has been the selfless teacher of countless players to better enjoy the game, or that have gone on to become legends themselves Stellman has been the selfless teacher of countless players to better enjoy the game, or that have gone on to become legends themselves

“This induction is going to a very, very deserving man. Frank to me is like Yoda, not well known but so full of wisdom and knowledge. He influenced myself as well as so many top notch players. Guys like Dallas West, Jimmy Mataya, and Jeff Carter would always defer to Sailor’s final word about any shot on the pool table. That’s the kind of reverence he had. And he did it for no money. For him it was about the love of the game. That’s why he never competed. He was close friends with Willie Mosconi, and one whom Mosconi considered a peer”, said an enthusiastic Mark Wilson, a student of Stellman’s as well as a renown teacher now himself. More notably, Mark is the current Captain of the USA Mosconi Cup Team. “No one could be more happier than myself on hearing the news of his induction. For me, this further legitimizes the Straight Pool Hall of Fame.”

“Every year the Straight Pool Hall of Fame sells out with over a hundred people attending. It’s a classy, entertaining, and emotional celebration of the greats of the sport”, says Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions.

Past inductees include live inductions of Ray Martin, Jerome Keough, Jack Colavita, Danny Diliberto, Oliver Ortmann, Gene Nagy. Group inductions by decades include 14.1 Hall of Famer legends Ralph Greenleaf, Frank Taberski, Erwin Rudolph, Jimmy Caras, Andrew Ponzi, Thomas Hueston, Alfredo de Oro.

Fans can buy tickets at the door, and tickets for the Hall of fame 14.1 Banquet in advance for $55 by going to . The dinner includes a 5 course meal and beverages as well as seating next to the stars of billiards. For $141 you can also join the Elite Members of the 141 Club on the same link.

People who can’t make the dinner can watch the complete ceremony for free online at
Live stream Pay Per View of the matches from Day 1 – Day 6 of the World 14.1 can be bought at

Andy Cloth, OB Cues, Excelsior Graphics, Pool & Billiard Magazine, Amsterdam Billiard Club, Kamui, , Aramith Balls, and host Steinway Billiards are the Official Sponsors of the event

World Tournament of 14.1 additonal info and frequent updates email to .

The Straight Pool Hall of Fame Induction videos will be produced by Jerry Tarantola of and Ron Mason of . The Hall of Fame ceremonies will be streamed online for free on Ustream by Upstate Al of AZBtv.

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21st July 2014


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BCAPL Daily Vegas Briefing

Sunday saw some major eliminations in the Open Men’s 8 Ball Tournament with the field being narrowed down from 950 to the final 100 who will continue play today. The Grand Master 8 Ball got underway and played down to the winners side final. In the highest profile action of the day the first CSI invitational 10 ball champion was crowned.

In the Grand-Master 8-ball division, Canadian Jason Klatt looked to continue his strong week of play after a win in the 9 ball challenge and a 5th place finish in the 10 ball challenge. Klatt drew Darren Appleton in the first match and came away with a strong hill hill win. In the next match he defeated american pro Larry Nevel. In the final 8 on the winners side Klatt played Dennis Hatch, and this time was on the other end of a hill hill battle. Jason will wait for the losers to catch up and sits in the ninth place match on the losers side.

Other notable Canadian results from Sunday:

  • Colin Maloney lost his second match in the open 8 ball division and has won his next six matches to be down to the last 100.
  • Carlin Sanderson lost his first match in the open 8 ball and won his next 4 finishing tied for 125th.
  • Shannon Keenatch from Saskatchewan has won her first 4 matches in the “Women’s Leisure” singles division and will continue today starting in the final 8 on the winners side.
  • Bev Ashton and Larry Wilson will continue play today, starting in the final 8 and final 16 on the winners side respectively.

In the feature event of the day, the CSI invitational 10 ball championships crowned its first ever champion. Ko Pin Yi from Taiwan defeated his younger brother Ko Pin Chung 11-9. I’m sure that I’m missing someone but I think the only other brother combination that has ever made a mark on pool are Lou and Sal Butera, who are very accomplished. However the accomplishment that the Ko Pin brothers achieved this week is unprecedented.

Interesting to note as well is Albin Ouschan, brother of Jasmin Ouschan, was runner up in the World Nine Ball Championships a few weeks back. If he was to win, it would be the only brother and sister duo with world titles. In the semi finals Chung defeated Jayson Shaw 9 to 7 and Ko Pin Yi defeated Dennis Orcollo 9-5. The CSI invitational events will resume on the 23rd with the 8 ball division up for grabs. For the next two days, CSI will be running two challenge matches.

July 21st Corey Deuel and Mike Dechaine vs. Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante
Race to 21, scotch doubles 8 ball, winner breaks

July 22nd Dennis Orcollo vs Chang Jun Lin

Both matches are available via P.P.V at

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21st July 2014


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Portsmouth to play host to World Cup of Pool IX

2014 World Cup of Pool


Portsmouth to play host to World Cup of Pool IX

THE 2014 World Cup of Pool will be taking place at the Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth from 23rd to 28th September. Following four years of the event in Manila and then a successful return to the UK in London last year, the event will now play out in the vibrant maritime city on England’s south coast.

Now in its ninth year, the World Cup of Pool features 32 two-player teams from around the world battling it out for a $250,000 prize fund. The defending champions are the Philippines who will be among the favourites to claim a record-breaking fourth World Cup.

Packed with some of the best players in the world, there will be plenty of teams in with a great chance to lift the coveted title, including two sides from the host nation.

Commencing on Tuesday 23rd and culminating in the final on the evening of Sunday 28th, the event will be played to a single elimination format over six days with two sessions a day.

In addition to the home nation and defending champions, all of the strongest countries in world pool will be sending teams and that includes last year’s runners-up Holland, two-time champions China, 2011 winners Germany as well as teams like the USA and Taiwan.

With the Mosconi Cup now sold-out, promoters Matchroom Sport will be looking to draw in pool fans from across the UK and Europe to support their countries in a loud, boisterous atmosphere.

Matchroom Sport Chairman Barry Hearn said, “We’re delighted to be bringing the World Cup of Pool to Portsmouth and hopefully this lively naval city will be an ideal host for one of cue sport’s most exciting events.

“Mosconi Cup tickets went like hot cakes this year and many of the players who will be competing in Blackpool in December, will be in Portsmouth representing their nations in a high pressure environment.

“This year’s World Cup will be a battle royal with some wonderful players competing for national pride and for pool fans across Europe it will be unmissable!” he added.

Tickets will be on sale shortly via

The World Cup of Pool will carry a $250,000 prize fund including $60,000 for the champions. The event will be produced by Matchroom Sport Television and televised live on Sky Sports and then syndicated internationally as 31 x 1 hour programmes.

Diamond Billiards are the Official Table of the 2014 World Cup of Pool; the Official Cloth is supplied by Iwan Simonis and the Official Balls are Super Aramith. Predator is the Official Cue of the event.

Luke Riches, Matchroom Sport:

Notes: Matchroom Sport are one of the world’s leading producers of televised sport and are responsible for over 1,000 hours of original programming across a range of sports. Based in the UK and chaired by charismatic founder Barry Hearn, the World Cup of Pool is one of a stable of pool events that include the World Pool Masters and the Mosconi Cup.

20th July 2014


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Kasperowitsch & Newsome Share The Spoils

On Cue Billiards – 15th July 2014
Season 1 – Week 4

Ryan Kasperowitsch Ryan Kasperowitsch

Ryan Kasperowitsch and Rob Newsome split the cash and the points this Tuesday as Week 4 at On Cue Billiards saw no final matchup between the A and B-side winners. Kasperowitsch was on fine form, never looked like missing and disposed of his A-side opponents without any true difficulty, dropping just one game on his way to winning the A-side.

Newcomer, Tuyen Le showed some silky skills and a great tactical mind but had to work hard against some tough opponents after Kasperowitsch knocked him over to the B-side. The battle of the night was most definitely between Le and last week’s runner-up, Roland Leblanc. Le took the first two match-ups without dropping a game, however in their final meeting the race was tied at one-a-piece with Le looking to finish up the remaining balls. An untimely miscue halted proceedings but Leblanc could not take the opportunity and Le survived the scare and advanced. Some silver lining to the cloud for Leblanc saw him jump up to the 3rd in the league table this week.

Tuyen Le Tuyen Le

Le met Newsome in the B-side final, both players having lost to Kasperowitsch over on the A-side. The first game was a coin-flip and could have gone either way. Newsome rolled in a tricky last ball down the long rail to setup an easy 8 and take it. The second looked to be Le’s from the off, a wonderful break saw 5 balls disappear from the baize. A runout seemed imminent but did not occur. The game saw some cagey play from both but Newsome managed to put a decent run together to get the win.

Miroslav Jeliaskoff Miroslav Jeliaskoff

A prior engagement for Kasperowitsch saw the night come to an end at this point. A repeat of the Week 1 final, this should have been another classic between the top two players. There will certainly be plenty more opportunities for the two to meet and without doubt, Kasperowitsch’s maiden victory cannot be far away. A player with great shot variety, amazing skill and true class, it’s only a matter of time. With the points and cash split, Newsome and Kasperowitsch cement their top two spots in the league and look uncatchable at the moment, however anything can happen in the coming weeks as we reach the midpoint of the season.

Hill Hill Pool’s 8-ball singles tournament is held every Tuesday at On Cue Billiards (349 Jane Street) starting at 7:30pm.
For more details check out or

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20th July 2014


The Pool Scene

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BCAPL UPDATE: Another Canadian Winner, Morra Wins First Match

The action continues from the BCAPL National Championships at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Friday marked the beginning of the 16 player invitational Pro 10 ball tournament. Play also continued in the Amateur bar able tournaments as well as the Pro/Am ten ball tournament.

Straight-Pool is once again pleased to announce our second Canadian winner of this years championships, Ben Liu from Calgary, Alberta. He was the winner of the open 9-ball division which boasted over 300 players. Randy Bagot from Winnipeg, Manitoba was also in the final with Ben so we were guaranteed our second Canadian Champion of the week. Congratulations to both players and good luck to them the rest of the week.

In the Pro/Am 10 ball challenge, the most prestigious of the bar table events, along with the Pro/Am 9 ball challenge we have two Canadians left in the mix. Stan Tourangeau from B.C. had a nice win over Ernesto Dominguez, eventually losing to Josh Roberts. He remains in the tournament with only 8 players left and will try to fight his way back to the final today. Jason Klatt, winner of the Pro/Am 9 ball challenge, won his first three matches in the ten ball tournament eventually losing to Mitch Ellerman from Arizona, who advanced to the winners side final. Klatt remains in the tournament at the start of today and will attempt, along with Tourangeau, to make his way back to the final.


John Morra from Toronto, Ontario has begun his quest in the 16 player invitational 10 ball tournament. The format is a race to 9 round robin. Players are placed in groups of 4 with each group being comprised of a player from North America, Philippines, Asia and Europe. The player with the best match record in each group will advance to the single knockout semi final and final stages of the tournament. Morra’s first match was against Ralf Soquet from Germany in which he came away with a thrilling 9-8 victory, banking in the 4 ball en route to a pressure packed run out in the deciding game. Morra is currently playing his second match against Efren Reyes.

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19th July 2014


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Update from Vegas: Klattaclysmic Performance in 9 Ball Pro-Am

Jason Klatt playing in Thailand Jason Klatt playing in Thailand

The 2014 BCAPL national championships are now underway and the winners are beginning to be crowned. Day one and two featured the 9 ball challenge, considered to be the most prestigious pro/am event along with the 10 ball challenge which starts today. Thursday also featured the Kamui challenge match between Shane Van Boeing (USA) and Ko Pin Yi (Taiwan).

Straight-Pool is proud to announce that Jason Klatt originally from Manitoba, Canada has claimed Canada’s first title of this years Championships. The field in the 9 Ball Pro-Am included numerous top amateur players from the U.S. along with a many top pros including; Warren Kiamco, Dennis Hatch, Oscar Domiguez, Ernesto Dominguez and Dennis Orcollo among many others.

Klatt had no easy path along his way to an undefeated victory. Most notably he had wins over Oscar Dominguez, Skyler Woodward and Warren Kiamco in the winners side of the draw. On the losers side Kiamco came back after his earlier loss to Jason. In the final our correspondent Jason explained to me that Warren won the lag and failed to make a ball on the break. Klatt then proceeded to run out that rack and broke and ran the next 6 racks and out! in the race to 7 winner breaks format. He played well this whole tournament as Klatt mentioned he had strung multiple racks together a few times in this tournament to close out sets.

Klatt now adds the BCAPL 9 ball challenge to his already impressive list of bar table titles which include the U.S. Bar Table 8-Ball Champion and Valley Forge pro/am champion. When Jason and I were growing up in Manitoba we traveled a lot to Minnesota, North Dakota and the surrounding area where the most popular game was bar table pool. These tournaments were very competitive and although Jason was very young at the time he did very well. I was able to pick up a couple of titles myself and still remember experiences from those training grounds when I have a chance to play on the bar table.

Other notable finishes from the 9-ball challenge;

Ryan Solleveld (mb) 65th place including a 7-1 victory over Dennis Hatch

Stan Tourangeau (BC) 33rd

Larry Wilson (BC) 49th

9-Ball Mens Open division

Darcy Gilkes (MB) 65th (300 entrants)

all results and draws can be found at

Ko Pin Yi Photo by Michael Brown Ko Pin Yi Photo by Michael Brown

By Erik Hjorleifson

Another feature event on Thursday was the Kamui challenge match promoted by CSI. This clash was billed as a race to 21 winner breaks 10 ball. CSI brought together two young guns one from the east and one from the west. This match-up brought together arguably the two most talented players from each region. The match was tight the whole way with the score being tied at 16 before Ko pin Yi eventually pulled away for 21-17 win.

To my knowledge the only other players to ever defeat Van Boening in a challenge match setting are Earl Strickland, Alex Pagulayan and Dennis Orcollo, losses which have all been avenged. Hopefully we will be able to see a rematch between these two great players in the future.

Stay tuned to Straight-Pool as we will be back tomorrow with all the results from today’s action.

Side Note: Semi-Professional Roger Miller from Ottawa, Ontario will be playing in the Final 12 of the American Rotation event. He will also be sending in updates from Vegas, we here at Straight-Pool wish him good luck and enjoy your trip.

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19th July 2014


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Verkruyse & Karabotsos Win Chicago Red Shoes Qualifier

Verkruyse & Karabotsos Win Chicago: OB Official Cue of ANDY CLOTH World 14.1 Tournament

Story by Dennis Walsh
Chicago, Illinois- Here are the results of the 2014 World Tournament of 14.1, Red Shoes Billiards Qualifier that was held a few weeks back. It was a small field but there were many quality contenders, including Michael Verkruyse, Tom Karabatsos, Ronald Dobosenski, Bob Cozzolino, Richard Michalec Sr., Jim Colling, Rich Klein, and Dean Markoshan, one of Chicago’s finest, just back from a straight pool lesson with Dallas West.

New OB Logo Stacked with white fontOB Cues has also joined as the Official Cue of the ANDY CLOTH World Tournament which takes place on August 4th-9th, 2014. Sponsored by Andy Cloth, Kamui Brands, OB Cues, Amsterdam Billiard Club,, Pool & Billiard Magazine , Aramith Balls, and George Beckman Kinetic Sculptures. Official patron 14.1 aficionados are Stu Mattana, Tom Gleich, Harold Siegel, and Dr. Greg Diehl Plastic Surgery. Each qualifier winner will be guaranteed a minimal of 5 round robin matches in the finale main event. The main event will take place once more in New York City. Dragon Promotions and Dr. Michael Fedak are pleased to bring the 74th production of the oldest billiard event in the world on August 4th-9th, 2014. A star studded field is expected this year at Steinway Billiards Cafe, who is once more hosting the world’s grandest straight pool championship.andy

“OB Cues are now the official cues of one of the oldest, longest running tournaments in billiards: The 74th World Tournament of 14.1. This event has a rich history connecting us with legends like Mosconi, Greenleaf, Lassiter, Mizerak, Crane and so many more. OB is proud to be associated with such names in the game they mastered and we look forward to seeing many of the champion players of today competing in this event to try and best the records of some of the great legends of yesteryear.” , said Shane Sinnott , Director of Sales and Marketing for OB Cues. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, OB is a leading manufacturer of High Performance Pool Cues and Pool Cue Shafts made 100% in the USA since 2005.

Bob Cozzolino, who has qualified twice before had a tough opening round match with Tom Karabatsos. Bob beat Tom last year on the loser’s side of the qualifier and beat Tom in a league match at Red Shoes Billiards just a week earlier. Tom had come in second in the league out of 32 players and has qualified numerous times, so he is always dangerous. Bob got off to an 60-20 lead but Tom came back hard and bested him 100-80. In the other first round match in that bracket, Ron Dobosenski ran a 41 and a 38 and out on Jim Colling who had come down from Texas to play in the qualifier while visiting relatives. Jim is a somewhat recent convert to straight pool that boasts a high run of 70. Ron is a student of Frank “Sailor” Stellman, noted cue maker and 14.1 teacher from Racine Wisconsin. Ron boasts a high run of 211 and Sailor had made the trip down to Chicago to watch his former student and to sweat some straight pool matches. Ron had just finished up one session of Red Shoes Straight Pool league, driving down from Madison, Wisconsin twice a month to play the game he loves.

The next round found Tom Karabatsos matched up with Ron Dobosenski and the straight pool heavyweights, who have played each other many times in the last 30 years, traded punches with Tom coming out on top. On the other side of the bracket, Rich Klein, one of the league directors at Red Shoes Billiards and one of the sponsors of the Derby City Classic Straight Pool Challenge every year, matched up with Dean Markoshan, a member of the Red Shoes Straight Pool league and an officer with the Chicago Police Department. Dean is relatively new to straight pool, but gave it everything he had. It was not enough to best the steady Rich Klein. On the other side of that bracket, Rick Michalec, Sr., a veteran of the Illinois Billiards Club Straight Pool League and the Red Shoes league was going up against a new face at Red Shoes in Michael Verkruyse. Rick has a high run of 70 and has won one of the straight pool qualifiers before and is always a threat. The two of them went back and forth with no big runs, and eventually, Michael landed the last punch, winning 100-77. That matched him up with Rich Klein and he was able to get off to a 75-19 lead. A couple of unforced errors on Mike’s part were enough to give Rich an opportunity and he was able to get within striking distance, but Mike closed out the game and finished it 100-55. Richard referred to Mike as “Madman MIke, he of the fabulous fundamentals and perfect stroke”, Mike is a student of Mark Wilson’s and I imagine that might be where he honed his fundamentals. He also has spent some time with Nick Varner, so who knows.

I will use the words of Mike to describe the final match on the winners side between him and Tom Karabatos: “I had been watching him play all day and knew I had my hands full. The opening break was the first time I had to break all day and I managed to hit a good clean safe leaving him long and tough on the 9-ball. Tom played safe and left me a small glimpse of a shot, I thought to myself if I make it I spread the rack wide open, if I miss it I will spread the rack wide open for my opponent. Well in for a penny in for a pound. I got down and stroked the 4 ball home into the corner pocket and was off and running. I don’t recall much of the middle of the match, only that I had a big lead of like 75-20 something, then tom went on a tear and caught me and passed me with a great run. The score was now closed in tight at 90(me) to 89(tom). A small safety battle ensued and tom took a chance at a ball in the stack and it missed leaving me a wide open table. I made one ball after another, steadily getting out of line lol. I now needed 2 balls for the win and a chance to go to New York. I had a long straight shot on the 15 ball, as soon as I pulled the trigger my heart fell into my stomach as I watched it go slightly wide of the pocket and rattle. Tom cleaned up the rest and was all set to make the break ball and put the nails in my coffin when something happened I did not expect, he missed the break ball! I gathered myself and pocketed the last two balls.”

In the meantime, over on the other side, Bob Cozzolino had taken down Jim Colling and Rick Michalec had bested Dean Markoshan. Bob Cozzolino had qualified from the loser’s side before, last year having to beat Jeffrey Mohl, Ed Latimer and Tom Karabatsos to qualify. This year it was not to be as perennial giant killer Rich Klein took him down. At the same time, Rick Michalec who has been there before was beating Dean Markoshan. Ron Dobosenski beat Rick Michalec and then beat Rich Klein, leading to a rematch with Tom Karabatsos for the second spot. Ron has only been back playing pool for about a year and perhaps it showed, but Tom is always a threat and sent Ron back to Wisconsin.

Tom Karabatsos was taught by Dallas West and you can see that in his smooth stroke. He is a perennial high finisher in all Chicago area pool events, especially straight pool. He also had a nice showing at the Maryland Straight Pool Tournament last year, besting Dave Daya and Shaun Wilkie, among others. Michael Verkruyse is 32 years old from Mahomet, Illinois and is currently the House Pro at Jupiter’s Pizzeria & Billiards in Champaign, Illinois. His sponsors are Durbin Custom Cues ( out of Sullivan, Illinois, Nick Varner Cues & Cases (, Fast Action Cues Clothing and Jupiter’s Pizzeria and Billiards.

Pool fans are also invited to have dinner with the world’s greatest players at the 4th Annual 14.1 Straight Pool Hall of Fame Banquet on August 6th. The Straight Pool Hall of Fame Induction videos will be produced by Jerry Tarantola of and Ron Mason of . The Hall of Fame ceremonies will be streamed online for free on Ustream by Upstate Al of AZBtv.

Fans can buy tickets at the door, and tickets for the Hall of fame 14.1 Banquet in advance for $55 by going to . The dinner includes a 5 course meal and beverages as well as seating next to the stars of billiards. For $141 you can also join the Elite Members of the 141 Club on the same link.

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17th July 2014


The Pool Scene

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Daily BCAPL Championships and Challenge Matches Updates

BCA venue photo by Jason Klatt BCA venue photo by Jason Klatt

One of the most anticipated weeks in the Pool community is upon us and that is the the 2014 BCAPL International Bar Table Championships. This series of week long tournaments includes 24 different divisions which will see play in 9 ball, 10 ball and 8 ball in women’s and men’s singles, teams and scotch doubles divisions. The singles tournaments are open to anybody of amateur status and pros are allowed to enter the 9 ball and 10 ball challenge divisions. The men’s open 8 ball division is the single largest tournament in the world, boasting 1500 plus entries.

This year the amateur tournaments will also be complemented by two extremely prestigious professional events promoted by Cue Sports International. The events are 16 player invitationals with a who’s who of pool filling out the list of players. Participants will compete in a round robin format with each group being comprised of one player from Europe, North America, Asia and the Philippines. The player with the best record in the round robin stage will advance to the single knockout semi-final and final stages. There will be 8 ball and 10 ball divisions and they will be sure to be two of the most hotly contested tournaments in the history of pool.

Along with the pro tournaments, Cue Sports International will also be promoting a series of challenge matches. Below is the list of scheduled matches:

July 17 8 pm EST
Shane Van Boening vs. Ko Pin Yi
10 ball race to 21

July 21st 9pm EST
Corey Deuel and Mike Dechaine vs. Francisco Bustamante and Efren Reyes
Scotch doubles 8 ball race to 21

July 22nd 9 pm EST
Dennis Orcollo vs. Chang Jun Lin
9 ball race to 21

All matches, as well as the invitational tournaments, can be purchased at, just click under the events icon and follow the links.

Straight-Pool will be following all the action and we will be giving daily updates from the amateur and professional tournaments. We will be focusing on the results from our Canadian talent and will have photo and written updates from our correspondents John Morra and Jason Klatt. Morra will be playing in the invitational pro tournaments and Klatt will be playing in the open bar-box table 9 ball and 10 ball tournaments. Stay tuned for all the results; it promises to be a great week of pool.

Some of the players we will be following, and hopefully some others who will make waves down there include:

(Maritimes) Colin Maloney

(ON) Harvey Shognosh, Pod Shognosh, Brittany Bryant, Maureen Van De Ven, Kayla Jones, John Morra.

(MB) Ryan Solleveld, Darcy Gilkes, Jason Klatt

(SK) Blaine Burns

(AB) Kevin Osborn, Joanne Ashton, Bev Ashton

(BC) Andrea Wilson

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